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Tractor Model ClassDB explanation Production Serial No.
Heavy Duty Industrial VIG1/100 1940-1945 AW1-750
Heavy Duty Industial VIG1/100A 1945- AWC1-
Heavy Duty Turbo VIG1/462 1940`s AW750
Cropmaster M VAG/1C/M, VAK/1C/M 1947-1954 M10001-10205
Cropmaster Diesel M VAD/1C/M 1950-1956 MD10001-10012
Taskmaster VIG/1AR 1948-1953 R10001-10392
Taskmaster Diesel VID/1AR 1951-1953 RD10001-10144
(Taskmaster) 301C VIG/1AR2 1954-1956 R10325-10415
(Taskmaster) 301D VID/1AR2 1954-1955 RD10001-10159
301C (Air Ministry) VIG/1A/AM, VAG/1A/AM2 1954-1956 AM101-547
301D (Air Ministry) VID/1A/T/AM 1954-1956 AM101-547
Medium Aircraft Towing 301C & 301D VIG/1A/T/R, VID/1A/T/R 1952-1956 HV101-413
Medium Industrial VIG/1C 1953-
Industrial Towing VIG/1C1 1956-
900 Taskmaster Petrol VIG/1H/R2 1956-1959 R10416-
900 Taskmaster Diesel VID/1H/R2 1956-1959 RD10160-
900 Medium Aircraft Towing VIG/1H/T/R, VID/1H/T/R 1956-1958 HV

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