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Competition Ploughs

David Brown also produced ‘Competition’ ploughs which were built to special order as opposed to commercial production.

Built with a similar frame to the BE plough but with special mouldboards that were sort of half-way between general purpose and ley. The cross-shaft was longer and fully adjustable for furrow width as was the land wheel. The frogs were adjustable sideways as were the mouldboards on the tie-bars and also up and down for ‘pitch’. There were a series of block plates carried on the side of the frame in order to vary the width of the furrows very finely by inserting between the frame and beams. The coulters were tilting and also sliding to and fro on the shaft to be either nearer or further from the point of the share. A pair of interchangeable pins were screwed into the top of the frame in order to change from catagory one to cat 2 link arms.


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