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This section is intended to provide background information on the range of ploughs produced by David Brown to complement their tractors. All the information below was provided by DBTC member “Powerrabbit" and we are vey grateful to him for the contribution.

The section is very much “in preparation" at the moment and it is hoped to add more information particularly photographs as and when they become available.

Plough Designation and Serial Numbers

The brass plate attached to either the headstock or frame of the ploughs carries the ‘designation’, how the plough is made up, various types of bodies, coulters etc and also the serial number.

The first letters on the plate identify the type/series of plough, e.g. PU. BE. BH. C. CM. CW. CMR. CWR. DM  (additionally for the C type, “W" = wide and “R" = reversible).

The next set will tell you how the plough is made up and with what type of components.

2. 3. 4.    Number of furrows.

M.          Medium frame.

1.           Rigid beam.

2.           Trip beam.

3.           Category 1 linkage.

4.           Cat 2 "

5.           Steel land wheel.

6.           Rubber-tyred wheel.

9.           Plain disc coulter, non-tilting.

10.         Plain disc coulter, tilting.

11.         Cut-away (scalloped) disc, non-tilting.

12.         Cut-away disc, tilting.

19.         Knife coulter.

17.        Skimmers for non-tilting coulter.

18.        For tilting coulter.

20.        Standing skimmer (heavy duty).

21.        Standing skimmer.

Plough bodies.

11.        General purpose.

12.        Semi-digger.

13.        Deep-digger.

14.       Universal.

15.       Ley.

16.       Continental.

18.       Semi-digger Dandy bar point.

19.       Uruguayan.


S.       Steel.

C.      Cast iron.

G.      Spheroidal Graphite.

Serial Number

The actual serial numbers is the last set of numbers on the plate and denotes the build number of the plough. All serial numbers start with 10, (one zero) the numbers after this will give you the actual build number.

Plough Series

Please click on the title for more information.

PU (Principle Unit)

A Series

 B Series

 BE Series

 C Series

 D Series

 Disc Ploughs

Competition Ploughs

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