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Re: Solex-30FV

Post by cobbadog » Thu Nov 07, 2019 5:22 am

Well I went way back to the beginning of the basics even looking under the base plate of the dizzy and found the bob weights were free and in working condition so this was sorted. Re-assembled the dizzy and checked that I was at the "M" mark on the flywheel which gives me 7' BTDC and on compression stroke with both valves fully closed. Gaped the points to 0.012" and connected the test lamp to find where the points were just breaking and the light goes out, locked in place. Again cleaned the plugs check the gap at 0.022" and replaced them along with the HT leads. Went around and switched the fuel on waited a bit to see if any leaks came along then started the engine, broom broom. Let it run for a while and connected the air cleaner back up and a slight tweak with the mixture screw and ran it at various revs. Still a tiny bit rich at idle but after all this crap I am happy with that. Took it out for a road test and it went well. About a 15 minute run was enough to say that it is running and almost better than before the paint job. The governor seems a bit slow in opening and I am not sure if this is an adjustment or a throttle linkage issue but it still went well pulling away easily up a steep hill at very low revs in H 3rd so this is a good thing. I finally found the markings for this dizzy, it is a CA10 model made in 11/53. Will do a bigger road run when we get back from a short break but it should be all good.
Thanks to all replies and ideas in helping to solve this issue.

Geoff for the last 40 odd years I have used NGK plugs for just about everything I have with not one failure so I stick with them. Te only champion plugs I use are the ones in our old Hit n miss engines, no cross reference to NGK on them. The free play I mentioned in the shaft in the dizzy was the auto timing movement not wear n tear. Next to no movement up and down. With all the settings double checked I still do not get any marks from the flywheel with my timing light yet the engine starts well and revs through the range well and now with no hesitation.

baron_beeza, I just checked what size the choke tube is in this carby and it is a 30-24 if that is of any help to you.

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