David Brown 770

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David Brown 770

Post by Jakeb » Tue Jan 22, 2019 5:59 pm

Hey guys, just been given my Grandads old DB 770 12 speed selectamatic. Has been abandoned in a field for over 15 years, few filters and bits n pieces missing, nothing major. Exhaust pipe has been missing so its been holding a little bit of water. I havent got any experience in mechanics let alone tractors. Can anyone recommend the best thing to start with please? Someone said to try crank it over with a big bar to see if it is all moving. Gearbox levers and lever next to it all move and are quite smooth. any other help would be great please.

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Re: David Brown 770

Post by bedwards1966 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:11 pm

You've a good chance that the engine is seized from having water standing in it.

With the gearbox in neutral put a socket and breaker bar on the crankshaft pulley nut and see if you can get the engine to turn by working it back and forth, you may be lucky.
Another method to get them moving is to put it in top gear and (on a good level surface) rock the tractor back and forth by hand, this can free them off. Do not start towing the tractor to free the engine, be gentle.

If you do get some movement then it may be necessary to remove the injectors as if the cylinders are still full of water it won't be able to turn over. If you don't get it turning remove the injectors and pour Coca Cola into the bores and leave it, this can free them off. If that doesn't work it'll be necessary to do some dismantling.

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