1690 1690T .... (or even 1490 etc )

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1690 1690T .... (or even 1490 etc )

Post by davidb » Wed Apr 24, 2013 8:30 pm

Would anyone know how much of a 1690 is compatible with a 1690 Turbo please ...

Particularly thinking about tin work, bonnet, bonnet supports, side panels, wings, cab etc. but be interested to know how much of 'the other stuff' is the same - Maybe stuff that maybe 'sourceable' (be there such a word) from the 4 cylinder models

Just beginning to think about sorting out my 1690T with exceptionally bad tinwork - thinking it might be a good idea, if the compatibility is sufficient to source a 1690 as a donor.



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RE: 1690 1690T .... (or even 1490 etc )

Post by jazo » Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:30 am

mostly the same but the exhaust hole in the bonnet is back further then a 1690
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Post by Eric_T » Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:42 am

Hello David! Hope all is well?

As fas as I know, others may know better

1690T vs the others...

Engine - different, as you know.

4WD - Identical to 1690, different to the 94 Series, and the smaller 1490 etc

Clutch - Something tells me its unique, but I cant prove this...

Gearbox - Identical to the Synchro Unit on a 1690, 1690T's never had Hydra Shift. More than likely the same unit as a 1594 too.

Hydraulics - These were the first with Lower link sensing, no other 90 has the same system. But Arms, Drop Arms etc are the same.

Cab - Different that it has the big levers box on your RH for the hydraulic controls etc, but some of the very last 90's had these too...

Tinwork - Wings are identical to 1690 and 1490 and a few 1390's, others had a smaller wing. 94's will fit, but they are not original, as they are slightly different. Bonnet - Early 90's had a 'crocodile' bonnet, that opened up wide at the front, but not at the rear, like a crocodile's mouth, access was rubbish, the design was changed so that it pivoted at the front and flipped right open. all 'T' tractors should have the latter, but I know of one of the last pre 'T' 1690's with the former, so its a bit of a minefield. 94 bonnets are not original due to the air intake cutout infront of the cab...

Roof tops, all the same, although the opening arangement on some sunroofs vary.

Nosecones, 1690 have the same as the large 94's and 1490/94, possibly different colours, and you will need a planking panel for the light holes.

Thats all i can think of right now... come back if something makes no sense or you want to know any more...

Dont buy a donor 1690 to break, thats sacrilidge! Panels and bits turn up from time to time, auctions, ebay, breakers yards... stuff will turn up!


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Post by davidb » Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:25 pm

Emyr, how goes it, my friend,

Don’t worry - have no intention of scrapping any 1690 (unless totally beyond saving|)

My barns are full of projects which many might consider 'best weighed in'.

It was just a thinking process being displayed online - maybe - if I were to get a 2 wd 1690 as a donor for this 1690T - I could subsequently rebuild the 1690 at a later date, sort of at leisure, whilst having the 1690T to play with,....

Just now have managed to source the 4WD drive shaft and drop box for my Inter 1055 - so unsure which project will take precedence!!!

Take care you




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