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David Brown Trackmaster crawler engine rebuild

Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2020 10:53 pm
by Carl Hargreaves
Hi all,
Recently joined up on here. Here is a link to a little slide show of the rebuild of my 1950 DB Trackmaster crawler. serial number 23 out 700 manufactured so I've been told.
When I bought it, she was gaining coolant in the engine oil. When I pulled it apart it was obvious it had water down the bores at some point in it's life.
The middle two cylinder sleeves were cracked and letting coolant into the bores thus, trying to compress the water and bending 2 conrods which then chewed up the crankshaft. It just kept getting worse ! Luckily the block was not cracked. I had the crank reground to .020" and fitted new sleeves, some N.O.S pistons and piston rings. It turned out good in the end and with a bit of money spent on it.
Carl Hargreaves
here is the link >>>>>>>>>>>>>