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Post by manxmac » Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:12 am

I am looking for info on the various cabs fitted to DBs. I am thinking of buying a shabby 1210 which is fitted with the DB cab with the narrow topped doors and the wiggly bit round the door handles and at the bottom of the windscreen. I have been offered a DB wide doored cab for a 1210 with what appears to be the whole Q cab dash console still in it. My DB 990 1978 model has the narrow door Q cab with the straight bottom to the front window and door handles. First of all do these cabs have proper designations so we know what we are talking about, I have seen Q and VQ mentioned is my 1978 990 a Q or a VQ. Is the wiggly cab even a Q cab or is it just a safety cab?
Next question is it possible to fit a wide doored DB cab to a 1210 selectamatic presently fitted with a wiggly doored cab. High and low gears may be a problem but it is possible that all necessary parts might be transferred from donor tractor.
Sorry for poor description.

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