Early 990A

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Early 990A

Post by nathanialbumpo » Thu Mar 28, 2019 10:34 am

Last year I bought a DB 990A Live drive, serial number 491834/S, there is a ID tag on the fender and it matches the one stamped on the frame. I also downloaded a bunch of different Manuals off the internet.
I believe it's a 1966 model year, Engine #4D4/47A, 69499
I have found a few things different on this tractor then what I see in the manuals and pictures that I have seen on the net.
The control panel has only two gauges (fuel level & Temp) and Tachometer, the cable has the smaller connecting nut at engine.
The transmission filter is just a wire mesh screen, no paper element and a almost flat cover plate.
I love this tractor, it is built like a brick S_it house. I am a retired mechanical engineer and a industrial machine builder and I recognize quality when I see it.
The manual I have is Publication TP 627 December 1969
Is there a manual available for the model I have? Free if I can get it?
The tractor is in pretty good shape, I have spent the past winter rewiring, changing fluids and filters, general servicing stuff.
One issue I have is I can't engage or disengage PTO while tractor is running, I believe it maybe a issue with the live drive clutch plate????
I believe the tractor may have been sitting for a while from the amount of mouse nesting that I removed from the under side cavities of the tractor.
Are there any old instructional videos of this tractor around or even a sales promotional videos.
I did finally find a front loader for it up in Canada, they are scarcer then hens teeth over here, going to pick it up as soon as it stops snowing.

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