pics from castlederg and question about 996

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pics from castlederg and question about 996

Post by daithik81 » Tue Jun 21, 2011 4:53 pm

There was a great collection of DBs in Castlederg on Saturday. It was a great day, thanks to the organisers. here are a couple of pictures.

My 996 lift arms raise with the selector down. For it to lift a load it needs high revs. With high revs it can lift a good weight. I've tried cleaning the selectmatic valve as instructed in the documentation but it had no effect.

I'm thinking of bypassing the selectmatic valve. I've seen this done before with a new external valve fitted. Does anyone know where to connect the two pipes for this external valve to work?

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RE: pics from castlederg and question about 996

Post by jhood » Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:55 am

will it lift ok with a load

and if not have you ever cleaned or replaced the mesh oil filter under the tractor there may be a chance that it is also the hydrolic pump on the tractor but if it is lifting it w.should be fine

As for the external valve I take it you mean to put a spool valve on bypassing the lift leaver
for this i will get back to you on as i am not sure about the feed pipe but think the return pipe just goes back into the gearbox
Will get back to you on that .. Well hope some of that will have helped
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RE: pics from castlederg and question about 996

Post by erkki » Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:19 am

Hi daithik81,

Did you pull out the valve chest for cleaning or how did you carry out the cleaning?

To by-pass the valve chest is simple. Use a three position one -way spool, of which output line is connected to the three way valve port "1" and the three way valve is kept turned far left.
Input is taken from the camel hump rearmost plug and the return line to the camel hump foremaost plug. Lock the control lever far back and the lift works on a simple way. There is no position control or depth control jeft but it raises, holds and lowers.

Still, if the valve chest has not yet been on hands, I would take it out, clean and check the latching valve. Its no big deal.

RGDS erkki

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