Toowoomba & District Vintage Club Annual Rally 2019

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Toowoomba & District Vintage Club Annual Rally 2019

Post by John.Newman » Mon Dec 09, 2019 11:42 am

About 6 weeks ago, our local vintage machinery club held it's annual vintage expo at Oakey, a small country town about 15 miles west of home, near Toowoomba on the Darling Downs and I took along my DB 50TD to exhibit. There were three other DBs present which included a Cropmaster, 30D and a 880. A Case 4WD (fitted with 6cyl Scania engine) is also shown parked beside the smallest tractor and these represent the largest and tractors displayed on the day

The last photo attached shows me driving back home with my David Brown 50TD dozer in tow behind my JD 4040. Photo taken from a railway line embankment looking across the croplands waiting for some rain so planting can start. Hard to see in the photo, but I am actually travelling on a constructed public road (dry weather only access).

Due to the extreme long running drought here, no equipment is out working out on the Darling Downs cropping lands at present and no crops have been planted. The extent of the drought can be seen in the photos at the Oakey Show Grounds and in the last photo taken on the way back home.

My 4040 has done just over 2200 hours now. Pulling this trailer is the first drawbar work it has done as the drawbar pin holes still had the original machining marks in them from when the holes were drilled. The tractor was only used with a sugar cane planter permanently attached to the linkage and used for a short time each season.
Was looking for a good 1594 / 1694 to haul my trailer but could not find any here in Australia that were worth considering. Either too far away for economical transport, been worked hard or not fitted with cab. Does anyone know how many of these models were actually exported to Australia?
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