2014 Hay making

This is for Members to post their photos. Ideally DB but also Member's photos of working with tractors etc. Inappropriate photos will be deleted and the Member posting them may be banned from this Forum.

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Post by mjallum » Fri Jun 27, 2014 7:18 am

Unfortunately tin worm has got the better of the 1200. The picture really makes it look a great deal better than it really is. The front cowl is very eaten and held on with good luck, and as for the cab, the roll frame would never provide protection in the event of a rollover with the main supports wafer thin. The front grill was fitted when I left for the field, it was later found undamaged in the road so new fitting to secure it are a must.
Consideration is being given to finding a good 1200 2WD and breaking for original parts but would I have the hart to break a tidy tractor?
As to the Leyland and the Land rover well they staying as is for now.
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Post by Guest » Fri Jun 27, 2014 8:12 am

I know that they are getting harder to find now as time is marching on but the bonnet sections, nose and bonnet top are exactly the same as the 1210 and 1212 models, 14 series front looks the same but the grille fixings are in a different position but other than that are the same, there's the difference also across these models of the gold grille and plastic badge emblem which the early models would still have but later ones not, this gives you a few restoration options for the bonnet but it depends on how much of a purist you are in wanting to keep it original. As for the structure of the cab, the frame is no more than a box section construction so if you cut out the rotten sections and welded in new at the old intersections you would not be compromising the legality or the integrity of the cab, too many of these cabs have been discarded in recent years, it's really nice to see these preserved as well as the tractors they were fitted to.

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Post by bedwards1966 » Sun Jun 29, 2014 11:04 am

Nice pic - I've a lineup of a Leyland 255, 995 & '58 series II. Probably wouldn't photo as well though!

LR did have an excellent vehicle with the series 1, 2 and 2a. The Series 3 was also good but falling behind the times, the Defender is probably where it started going wrong. Same levels of discomfort, but with a couple of 'mod cons' - coil springs, power steering - and great unreliability.
To this day they haven't changed them - which in the eyes of their fans is a great strength - but these days the other makes can two 3t quite legally (Isuzu rodeo), they aren't uncomfortable and noisy, aren't as unreliable and are damn near as good off road. Just about all the working farmers I know run Jap stuff and have for years.
As to the Disco and Freelander models, they're some kind of joke when it comes to reliability and still haven't had any design put into them. LR have only continued for so long due to the fans who'll continue buying anything with a LR badge because somehow it must be better, but even many of them are now seeing otherwise.
It's actually quite sad to see the makers of what was once a great British vehicle fall in such an unpleasant way.

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Post by holstein » Sun Jun 29, 2014 5:55 pm

Very good post there Bedwards. You have summed the situation up very well. We had a World beater in the Series 1 and I might go so far as to agree about the 2 but the 2A was little changed, as was the series 3 & Defender

It's the same in any business, you have to at the front of the game and looking constantly to improve your product. As an example, look at a JCB Hydra-Digger or a JCB 1 and look at them now. Still World beaters. They evolved in a way that LR never did until Tata got hold of it and shook it up. By then it was too late for a cross-country 4wd workhorse. The Japs had got the market virtually to themselves.

Look at some of the garbage that came out of Longbridge and Cowley at around the same time. The A40, the Marina, etc. And the crazy union stronghold. No wonder we import as much we do. We threw our motoring industry away.
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Post by John_Allen » Sun Jun 29, 2014 6:54 pm

I suggest that we stop discussing the demise of the BL and, as PR suggested a few posts ago, keep on topic - the OP's three "old" machines!

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