Newly rejoined member introductions

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Newly rejoined member introductions

Post by Loz57 » Mon May 20, 2019 10:38 pm

Hi All,

I joined this forum a few years back, (on the UK site), but have not been a regular contributor, so have had to re-join with new login! at least i am here :-), my old login would not work and i was unable to contact admin, so somewhere i may have communication issues (?) and apologise in advance if it does not seem i am responding to any replies or messages, as maybe i am not getting them!

someone must be receiving my messages as this new login has been activated :-)

anyway - that explained - I thought i would introduce myself to the Australia club, as i am a resident of north Island NZ, and so info on parts supplies etc may be more relevant to me here down-under :-)

What am i doing with David Brown Tractors? - I have a small beef farm and use a late registered (1986 from the DB ID plate) case/DB 1212. currently displaying 5100hrs, or just over.

It is my only Tractor, I do not treat it as a restoration hobby, it is in daily use, for most operations ranging from seasonal feeding out, to pasture maintenance, and seasonal cropping (this year I cut 5 ha grass for hay and baled 810 conventional bales using a Welger AP61 baler).

The Tractor was "inherited" with my Farm purchase in 2007, and in a neglected but still operating condition, this did not improve as for the first few years of farm ownership, it was just our residence ( we never intended to run a farm!), rather than our business, as its previous use as a lease block for run-off grazing meant the only tractor use was from lease farmers, they often used larger more modern tractors of their own, so it really sat around. outside but covered.

. . . . so i came to use the 1212 from about 2011, and it has served me well, its cosmetic condition looks like something from Mad Max 2 :-) as we are also in a semi-salt air environment due to our position close to the Kaipara Harbour, hence most panel work has deteriorated to such a point that it has become safer to remove it completely.

I am just at the point now of starting manufacture of some new mudguards, and fabrication of a custom cab frame and panels (previously i have only enjoyed the luxury of a ROPs frame and roof - now largely deceased), but these are ongoing projects as my maintenance is scheduled around other essential farm activities which must often have priority.

Mechanically electrically and hydraulic systems are all tickety-boo, she starts and drives and all works sweet, I service and check it per the handbook guidelines and Workshop manual where it is relevant or helpful - but i do have one mechanical problem for which i am looking for advice with . . .

I have recently noticed a growing gap, underneath the RH steering arm between that and the top of the drop axle, where the large spindle top bolt attaches - initially i thought the arm bolt had loosened and on tightening discovered this was not the case - so it appears the bottom thrust plate washer, and radial bearing (?) have collapsed and the spindle is slowly grinding its way up into the RH axle dropper.

I have attempted to get it apart, and have been beaten so-far by the tightness of the steering arm onto the spline.

I am looking for advise to technique for removal please ??

is there a specific puller or method which works as there is little choice in points to pull or push from??

As i can remove the whole assembly i may possibly be able to press it out, ( i need to get help for this as the whole assembly probably weighs 60-70kg plus and is awkward to handle), but i only have a smallish 20 ton floor press which may be marginal for this task, i also have heat, and some large bearing removers which may fit - initially as i was on limited time i just removed the RH wheel, RH track rod end, and main Axle carriage width adjusting bolts to gauge tightness and condition, as everything is regularly washed, greased, oiled or sprayed there are no rust issues on these parts, it just appears to be tight-fitting and never been moved for 30+ years scenario !

I have tried forcing the spindle down by hammering the arm clamping bolt head, after loosening it, and with progressively larger hammers, i have only achieved bending the bolt head next i plan to turn up a screw in press piece/drift to replace the bolt and be more robust.

my apologies for rambling on, but i thought i'd paint the picture for you as best i could :-)

I have a background in engineering and a slightly above average workshop, but my engineering knowledge is not heavy plant based, more precision biased.

any advice is gratefully received.

off out on farm now, daily tasks await

regards to all


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Joined: Mon May 13, 2019 8:03 pm
Location: New Zealand

Re: Newly rejoined member introductions

Post by Loz57 » Sun May 26, 2019 10:19 pm

OK so i have this apart and am currently waiting for parts and reconditioning wear damage to the bottom thrust face of the stub axle -

I would also like to vary the front axle width to align the front and rear wheels in the appropriate manner, so i also have seized in tie-rod inner and outer tubes to deal with, not rusted in but don't want to move.

I have made a slide hammer adaptor for the 3/4"-20 thread - can anyone advise the best method to hold the assembly without damaging it to remove these? i am trying to achieve it whilst one side is fixed to the tractor still, then swap over was my plan, i am just querying how others have overcome this -

do the tubes left and right more or less meet in the middle of the outer, or it there a central "void area" which may be best to clamp in a pipe vise?

many thanks in anticipation


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