More Ways to Resize your Photos !

An easy way to re-size your photos. if required.
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More Ways to Resize your Photos !

Post by admin » Mon Jul 06, 2009 6:51 pm

For those of your using Windows XP. Microsoft have their own photo resizing program which is very simple to use. Follow the link below. ... rtoys.mspx

(Scroll down on right hand size, select - ImageResizer.exe - and download.

This is a very small program, download and run it, then when you want to post a photo on the website, use your mouse to RIGHT CLICK on the photo. A small window will open, select the 3rd option down "resize pictures" and select either the top (small) or the next option down (Medium) and click "OK". A smaller copy of your original photo will be created. Then just post this as per the normal "add attachment" option.

As I said, this is for Windows XP, don't know if there is an equivalent for Windows 2000, you may need to Google. I had a quick look for Vista and there doesn't appear to be a genuine Microsoft equivalent, but there does appear to be other very similar applications.

ALTERNATIVELY, there is another free program called PhotoRazor which I have used with XP and is also is supposed to work with 2000 and Vista.

PhotoRazor is slightly more complicated, but provides more control, it is available from ... erview.htm

Basically again, you select the folder which contains your photos. The folder will open up with all the photos in it down the right hand side of the screen. You then select the particular photo, select a picture size and quality and the program makes smaller copies in a sub folder (called “small photosâ€Â￾). The only thing to watch out for is to make sure you select the option to either resize all photos or just the one you’re interested in.


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