An easy way to re-size your photos.

An easy way to re-size your photos. if required.
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An easy way to re-size your photos.

Post by admin » Sun May 17, 2009 10:28 am

Photos. posted on this site should ideally be no larger than 800 pixels wide x 600 pixels high. Any larger and they make the rest of the topic difficult to read.

The following is a simple way to acheive this if you need to.

Firstly you need to know where your photos. are. They can be on your pc, on a camera card, on a USB stick, or any other storage device

Then go here and you will see a screen like this..


Then click on Browse and you will be shown various parts of your computer system. When you have found your photo. double click on it.

It will then appear in the box like this :


Then click continue and you get a screen like this with your photo. in the top right hand corner : Please note that the screen will default to the percentage option. It is better to go for the Custom Size option as shown. Just click the Custom Size bullet. Where you see the word Pixels in a box it will show as Percent but it is a pull-down box. Click on the down arrow in the box and choose Pixel. Width should be 800 Height (optional) should be 600. Notice that you have to select Pixels in both the Width and Height (Optional) boxes.


At the bottom of the same screen you will see this :

Leave the Save As option as JPG and click Resize Pic !

Your re-sized photo. will be in the same place as you found it. This is what you load onto the David Brown Forum.

If there are any difficulties with these instructions please let Admin know. We're not perfect !! :cry: :cry: :cry: (Well I'm not anyway - Scooby)


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