Albion plough

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Albion plough

Post by harvey » Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:52 am

Hi. Anyone out there interested in recreating David Browns Six-Day ploughing marathon if so there is a four furrow Albion plough on sale on eBay at the moment.the wearing metal looks good and the starting price is reasonable.
I hope this plough goes to someone who is going to use it. Too often ploughs like this are broken up and turned into horrid two furrow match ploughs.

While I am talking about ploughs I would be interested to know which bodies where used on which ploughs. I understand David Brown did not make any of its own bodies.I know they used Ferguson bodies and ransomes and I think they also used international ace bodies at one time. It must be a nightmare for somebody buying a David Brown plough and then not being able to find the right wearing metal.
Incidentally I have a Bomford reversible plough with old style Ferguson bodies. Westlake tells me it is impossible to get left-handed points for this plough.I wonder if anyone knows better.


RE: Albion plough

Post by Guest » Sun Aug 30, 2015 3:34 pm

David Brown never used Ferguson parts in building their ploughs nor am I aware that they use IH parts either, all parts were manufactured in-house until around 1969 when Ransomes bodies were used until aboiut 1972 when they ceased making ploughs altogether. there are many types of D.B plough, starting in the mid 1940's with the PU going on through the A series, BH, BE, CM, CW, the very rare D type, 2 and 3 furrow reversible and then there was the 'competition' plough that was built to order and was not a production model as were the others. Many types of bodies were available, general purpose, semi digger, deep digger, Uraguyan, ley, dandy bar point etc. You can always distinguish a David Brown plough from others that are similar, especially the Ferguson ploughs by their use of 'nib' bolts on the landsides and mouldboards, others used square shouldered bolts. Again there is a difference between the Ferguson and D.B standard GP share points in that the bolt holes in the former are slightly offset whereas the latter are inline. Left handed shares are almost impossible to obtain but doo come to light now and then. The brass plate attached to these ploughs are stamped with their type and other letters and numbers denote the build up of the plough in its combination of parts and the serial number denotes the build number, which in the first instance always started at 10001.

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