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DB Ditcher Digger Loaders

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 11:44 am
by austensmith
This one was on recently and never moved off £0.99p as far as I could see ( poor internet service so irregular checks........)

Cant believe no-one was interested - they arent exactly commonplace - looked like the earlier albion model and had an ejector bucket with it as well.

....david brown albion tractor mounted digger ditcher back actor hoe ditching bucket (200973843975)
.... or poss sold privately ??

... and on another note its REALLY difficult to find literature etc regarding these - I got a sales pamphlet with specs and all the bucket range months ago, but there is a sales booklet on at present , only 4 pages and headed for £40 or more - ends today. Looks like the later stuff intended for the 90 series machines.
Theres some booklets on from Canada - but at a price - and the shipping is crippling.

A DB996 4WD didnt go at £6500 - looks nice - and not many around but still a bit steep ??????

Case David Brown 996 4WD Tractor (151135066219)


RE: DB Ditcher Digger Loaders

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:34 pm
by christy1210
hello austen like your 996 outfit ihave 1210 vq cab an was thinking of putting backactor on it do u need 2 remove back window r is there enough room 2 fit without removing

RE: DB Ditcher Digger Loaders

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 11:39 pm
by austensmith
Damn good Q...........

I have a 2WD 996 which has a dent in the back lower sliding windows frame, on the VQ cab back panel -- and the 4WD has a similar little ding. Clearly means there is a tendency for SOMETHING to hit the cab back panel here . Guess it depends on the implement and height adjustment of the link arms in normal use. I suspect something like a plough adjustment handle or forager control rod or similar.

As I get a bit more into DBs and learn about the ancillaries it becomes clear the back actor is a later one , esp if compared to the one recently on eBay as an Albion item. The Unit has a substantial subframe ,and a "wrap around" cockpit. The seat unit is really quite clever, although it simply snugs over a tubular support / swivel , there is an eccentric linkage below which "tilts" the seat to let you get your leg through in the tight space between cab and cockpit panel. I guess it would also allow water to drain when parked .
Point is , there is only about a couple of millimetres between the seat back and the outermost lower sliding window. I expect a heavy operator, or a loosely fitting seat tube would allow it to break or at least press on the window - and on mine that glass is missing .

So it seems to me there was a definite tendency for implements on the 3PL to lift and bang the cab - I've seen it elsewhere on others. Its also mentioned either on decals or in the user manuals if I recall. You are advised to ensure the clearance is adequate for the implement. I'm sure someone will be able to point out the reference.

To fit your DDL i suppose it would be possible to "space" the subframe to set the attachment backwards by a smidgin to clear , but I have no direct experience of mounting them - it was all restored by Fletcher & Son in Somerset and was virtually untouched from new being stored for years from what he told me. I can put some pics up if it will help.

I never drove one in anger - I was relegated to MF 590 and 595 helping out my brothers land drainage exploits back when we were paid for reclaiming moorland on subsidies. The digging was JCB work - its just that I always lusted after the 996 4WD when I saw one. Never forgotten it.

Wish you luck with the project.
Austen SMITH

RE: DB Ditcher Digger Loaders

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:52 am
by Guest
The Q cabs on the late 9, 12 and 14 series tractors were not designed for using the digger ditcher, the seating position was too close to the rear cab panel and did result in one person being killed and others suffering quite nasty crush injuries. The earlier non-Q cabbed tractors had a red or grey canvas cladding and this was designed to roll up from the back and over the top and forward, later early Q cabs had a roll-up grey plastic 'curtain', this would give the operator adequate space and room to work a rear mounted digger.

RE: DB Ditcher Digger Loaders

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:48 am
by John_Allen
I fear that cheap used mini diggers and old industrial machines like JCBs have more or less killed demand for tractor-mounted diggers. A friend has a 1T mini digger that cost about £2000, but is a lot handier than my 995 with the DB digger for most jobs.

I remember a poster from McConnel in the mid 70's that we had to display. It was warning about their diggers moving when in work and the warning was because a McConnel owner had been killed when he hit the safety cab - but I don't know what make of tractor he was using. I was told that one of the design "features" of the Weatherframe cab was that there was no rear cross-member to allow for digger movement and that you were supposed to take the roof off when using the digger. I'm lucky - I'm too short for my head to be anywhere near the roof!

Someone had butchered my digger so that it would fit on the linkage on a Q-cabbed machine (an IH 574 was in their yard, so I suspect it was on that). I only drove if half a mile on the back of the 995 and I didn't dare use a high gear, even with the loader almost on the deck!

There are pictures (before and after) in this topic: ... pic&t=9725

I will try to remember to add an up to date photo soon - the garden looks somewhat different, but still very wet!!

RE: DB Ditcher Digger Loaders

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 11:19 am
by Guest
I think it was the 3-point-linkage D.B. digger that was the 'dangerous' one, the fixed leg underframe one was, being a fixture, ridged in its position and not liable to move up and down. They weren't designed to work behind a cabbed tractor. If you look at the advertising leaflets and sales brochures you'll not see one pictured fitted to a Q cabbed D.B.

RE: DB Ditcher Digger Loaders

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 10:23 pm
by christy1210
hello all thanks for replies a few pic would b good have backactor on2wd 1210 high cab bit bouncy like john says thought 4wd 1210 with weights would b better but unsure about vq cab as pr says these cabs were not designed for backactor

RE: DB Ditcher Digger Loaders

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2013 7:49 pm
by case-ih1594
Several DB brochures show DB 'diggers' fitted to Q-cab tractors (often on the back page). The yellow line (1970's) brochures shows a yellow DB digger fitted to a 990 Q-cab. However they all have the rear window removed (unbolted). I used to work on a farm who had a 996 Q-cab with DB digger fitted from new and this had the window removed. The 90-Series digger brochure (leaflet) shows the digger fitted with the rear window open on the front cover.

RE: DB Ditcher Digger Loaders

Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 12:42 am
by austensmith
DB Ditcher Digger Loader

Heres another up for sale - Currenlty on at £400 with no bites yet and ending in a day.

david brown digger backhole ( !!!!)
david brown digger
eBay item number:331063135057

- Looks solid enough if a bit mucky - would make a good project. Plate says ADD1 and the seating position has the enclosed cockpit .

Unfortunately going to Yeovil is out of the Q for me......... - and I 've enough restoration work to be getting on with..

Hope it doesnt go for scrap.

:( :(