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This section is to inform you of any David Brown related meetings and events are taking place at Meltham.

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First & Last

Post by Odin 8 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:49 pm

The weekend of September 22nd & 23rd we are Celebrating our new exhibit, the 1936 Ferguson-Brown Type A and The Last Tractor, the 1594 Commemarative.
The idea is to have your photo taken on your tractor with The 1594 Comm' , The Ferguson-Brown Type A and the first David Brown production tractor VAK1 with 'R' - Block of the David Brown Tractor Factory as back drop.
There will be speakers and a tractor Road-Run to include known Ferguson-Brown era sites & buildings. Park Works, the Cable Street Harry Ferguson Agricultural Engineers Ltd site where the Type A s' where prepered and sold. Also the village of Honley where Mr Harry Ferguson once lived during his period in Huddersfield and possibly when he travelled to the USA to meet Mr Henry Ford, another great pioneer.
So if your passion is classic tractors and they have a hydraulic 3 point converging link then this is the gathering.
Incidently, for the interested, Cable Street premises were the Karrier Works. Karrier were a truck & bus manufacturer that moved to Luton in 1931. Infact the photograph infront of Park Works with lorries loaded with Type A Ferguson-Browns are Karrier Cob and trailers. These were similar to the more numerous Scammell Scarabs which were early articulated trucks.
Other plans for the weekend is for a 'Tractor-Jumble'. So if you have items to sell or know of a trader who may have some relevant items to sell then please contact me as this will make for a more interesting weekend.

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