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885 & 995 loaders

Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 11:22 am
by dbiow
Hello folks, I’ve not been here for a while.
I have got a 79 885 with a LQ8 trip loader on and a LF9 power loader from a 1972 995 sat in the shed.

I’m wanting to convert my trip loader to a power loader so I can use a bale spike and tines (not built yet)

Is there any reason I can’t put the 995 loader on to the 885 as they are the same width or will I run into problems with the geometry and therefore be better converting the trip loader to a power one.

I do have the complete LF9 loader from the 995 so can swop parts as needed or would be happy to trade with someone who wants the LF9 loader for a similar set up for a q cab 885

Thanks for any thoughts Will.