Cropmaster Fuel Issue

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Cropmaster Fuel Issue

Post by tractorfan » Sat May 18, 2019 12:14 pm

I have a 1948 Cropmaster petrol/tvo. Last summer I changed the cork seal in the changeover tap due to a leak. Since then, whenever the tractor starts to pull uphill the engine stops. The tractor will then start again quite easily on the handle and will progress again up the hill for a few yards until the engine stops again. Once I get to some flat land the tractor will run fine. So something has obviously gone wrong when I changed the cork seal (at least that's what it looks like at the moment). Any ideas what it could be before I drain the tanks and inspect the tap and seal?

Many thanks.

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Re: Cropmaster Fuel Issue

Post by GeoffDEAL » Sat May 18, 2019 10:31 pm

Hi does it make any difference if the tap is on reserve or main supply? or maybe some dirt got dislodged when you removed the tap and got to the carb maybe check and give it a clean, First remove outlet pipes and move tap to see if fuel is running on positions.

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Re: Cropmaster Fuel Issue

Post by cobbadog » Sun May 19, 2019 7:25 am

Other thing to consider is the air hole in the fuel caps. I had a blockage that I was unaware of in the air hole and it would run for around an hour then stop. Re-start and it would go for a short distance then stop, finally figured mine out.
As suggested check the fuel flow from the tap outlet going to the carby. This is the simplest way of finding out if the blockage is in the tap or at the pick up points in your tank. My tanks had a lot of rust and dirt inside them and as you can not clean much out by turning the tank upside down because of the filler tubes inside the tank the only way to clean the inside out is to flush and re-flush over and over. I did that a few times while the tank was off the tractor but using an endoscope I looked inside and it was still filthy in there. So off to the hardware store and I bought a litre of hydrochloric acid and put about 3/4 of it inside the tank. I had used blanks to block off the tank outlet so it would hold the acid. I sat the tank on a level bench for an hour then turned it onto it's side for an hour and kept turning the tank over until all sides and ends were treated. The colour of the acid that came out was disgusting. Then I kept flushing it with water until I was satisfied that all was diluted inside. Used the endoscope again and it was like brand new inside and no traces of dirt rust or dust. I then left the tank out in the full sun with the filler caps off so the heat would evaporate what water was left behind. I was satisfied that it was all gone but I still put an egg cup full of metholated spirits (white spirits) inside to soak up and traces of moisture.

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