Cropmaster or DB 900 color code in USA

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Cropmaster or DB 900 color code in USA

Post by Gard » Sat May 11, 2019 10:55 pm

After all the time I have spend on the fenders and battery box cutting, welding sanding and knocking dents out, I decided to try and get the correct color. From the DBTC website the correct color red is Hunting Pink (cherry), the British paint code is BS381C -BS538. It was apparently a lead based paint. I probably should of been more careful about safety when sanding. A search came up with the website, under advanced, I picked the range and color, this number comes up with post office red / cherry. You can also see the analysis data based on the average of measurements using various spectrophotometers. None of the local suppliers know how to input these numbers into their mixing machines. The local PPG auto paint supplier can mix a "solid red" that is supposedly the same as post office red but only in their most expensive Delfleet urethane line.

Fortunately the web site also has a list of alternate colors ranked by how close they are. The Australian standard R15 is best but apparently not available in the USA. Close behind is a US federal standard OSHA or DOT "Safety Red". It took several calls but I finally determined the PPG automotive paint code for this is 72639. This is available in a MAE acrylic enamel with hardener. I intend to spray this over a 2 part epoxy primer on the fenders as soon as it warms up enough. It may be a little overkill but I have been happy with this product on other vehicles over the years.

OSHA safety red is also available in a oil based enamel Rustoleum product number K7764. I applied this with a brush to some of the less visible pieces, it is way less expensive than the automotive products. Its OK but next time I think I will use a higher quality brush and try for 2 thinner coats. I did not get around to checking into the possibility of international shipping of paint from

Following is a photo of the Rustoleum painted parts, I have designed a new seat adjustment and suspension system as the rubber bumpers I have found locally are very stiff. The mini bike shocks were only 10$. I have never seen another red David Brown tractor in person so not sure how close this is. The colors look a little different when outside vs inside on the tractor.
KIMG0240_01 (Small).JPG
KIMG0240_01 (Small).JPG (183.06 KiB) Viewed 148 times
KIMG0241 (Small).JPG
KIMG0241 (Small).JPG (117.1 KiB) Viewed 148 times
KIMG0243 (Small).JPG
KIMG0243 (Small).JPG (109.62 KiB) Viewed 148 times
KIMG0244 (Small).JPG
KIMG0244 (Small).JPG (105.59 KiB) Viewed 148 times

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Re: Cropmaster or DB 900 color code in USA

Post by cobbadog » Sun May 12, 2019 12:07 pm

Nice work with the seat mount and dampening. I too am about to go through this exercise of painting our 30C and have the same issue with paint codes and paint suppliers all being different to one another and it is rare that there is a cross reference to other paint systems. I feel that I will definitely upset some purists and go with a shade of red that I like and quite possibly not Hunting Pink as it looks washed out right from new. I do have a Club member I need to be in contact with as when he painted his D.B. 2Dhe said he used Hunting Pink and had it mixed but it does not look washed out and has a beautiful shine like 2pak paint usually does. At the moment I am away on holidays and as soon as I get back I have to organise a time with the dustless sand blasting to be done and then the proper primer for 2pak paint can go on.
I am hopeful that you can find the colour that works for you and that you are happy with and look forward to your findings. SO far you have done some great research and thanks for sharing.

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Re: Cropmaster or DB 900 color code in USA

Post by joeproctor » Sun May 12, 2019 3:28 pm

try massey ferguson super red,or ford rosso red these are close!

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