Dynamo and regulator wiring

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Re: Dynamo and regulator wiring

Post by Gard » Fri Apr 26, 2019 3:19 pm

I suspect that how well a specific voltage inverter works may depend on how clean the signal is, it may work fine with a battery but not so good with a mechanically regulated generator. There is probably one out there that could be made to work fine. Sounds like a good project for an electrical engineering student.

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Re: Dynamo and regulator wiring

Post by rid54 » Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:11 pm

I really don't know, but a 6 to 12 V inverter, capable of handling something like 30 A sounds like an expensive item. And, as was suggested by Gard, not totally reliable in the setup (if the thought was to convert dynamo output to 12 V). A really good 6 V battery shouldn't be more expensive, I'd guess. Also, as has been stated earlier, a 6 V starter can often cope with 12 V feed, but these tractors (that is, generally, carburettor engine machines) shouldn't be difficult to start with the starter on the intended voltage either. Key is to keep the circuitry as loss-less as possible. That means thick cables, properly terminated and connected, and also that the return path (earth) is scrutinized for any points where current has to pass a joint between components (starter to engine block, engine block to earth strap and such).

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Re: Dynamo and regulator wiring

Post by cobbadog » Sat Apr 27, 2019 5:24 am

Here in Australia and I have heard the same for the USA that 6 v batteries are far dearer to buy as they don't make as many. Low production run equals higher cost. There has been a few various ideas as to what type of 6v battery is best to buy as you should have a choice of the standard lead/acid then there is the gel type batteries. Which ever you decide to go with look at what we call CCA (cold cranking amps) this determines how long you can turn the engine over before it drops below a usable level. A 4 cylinder engine requires less CCA than a V8.
There are other types of batteries in general and one person wanted to use a deep cycle battery on his tractor. This is not recomended as they are designed to be charged then ran almost flat.

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