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RE: 1490 3 point hitch

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 6:38 pm
by erkki
Hmmm. I doubt that its plugged orfice or sticky valve. Plugged orfice just makes the rear lift die. If hold-releaase valve is stuck, the arms do not lower at all. Open the steel cover on the RHS of the cross shaft and look in. You see essential valve chest controls behind the cover. You see a nylon fork on the lower end of the selector shaft. There is a rocker bar rear end in the fork. You can push a screwdriver tip above the rocker bar and tilt it so that the opposite end of the rocker bar jumps up. The arms shall lower to the downmost position. If you can make that happen its time to look the problem from the adjustments of the control mechanism. If no joy, the problem can be in the lift ram. You can try to let oil out from the ram by loosening three way valve, or if there is a plug on the fender side face of the three way valve, loosen it and see what happens. Oil shall escape from the ram, so beware not to cause a mess. Try those tricks first and tell us what you found out.

W.B.R erkki