Charging light on case ih 1494

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Charging light on case ih 1494

Post by eddiem » Thu Oct 31, 2013 6:15 pm

Hi the charging light wont come on on my case ih 1494. It has been very slow turning over lately so I put in a new battery from another tractor that I know is perfect but I had the same problem barely turning over,

I put on a new earth lead and a new positive clamp and I also loosened off the positive lead going onto the solenoid to check there was no corrosion there.I sprayed it with some acf 50 and tightened it up ,Tractor started up straight away and turned over really fast,

I got the starer reconditioned last year new brushes and new solenoid cap, Left it for a few hours and when I tried to start It. It turned over real slow and then speeded up and started up. Then I noticed I had no charging light when I turned on ignition,

I took off the altenator plug and with a 12 volt test light clamped the earth onto the altenator and put the probe point into the brown and yellow wire,Test light lit but not the charge light in dash I swopped over the bulb from the oil light in the dash which is lighting for the oil light but dosn't light in the charge light place in the dash .I put it back into engine oil light place and it lit so its not the bulb is blown.

Funny thing is test light will light wheather the key is turned off or on at the altenator plug yellow/brown wire - surely this cant be right ? I would have thought there would only be power in the yellow/brown wire at the altenator plug when the key is turned on.

Would the ignition switch be going faulty ?

Thanks for any advice on fixing this.

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RE: Charging light on case ih 1494

Post by oily » Thu Oct 31, 2013 7:42 pm

i would replace your alternator but first just check the multi plugs on the main harness near the cab

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Post by tractolover » Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:22 pm

If there is a break in the warning light circuit, it will stop the initial power from going into the alternator to start it off charging.If you can get to the warning light in the dash and run a wire from the earth terminal to a bolt/screw to see of it will light up when the ignition is turned on to check.My guess is that there is a bad connection in the wire to the alternator.The light should be off when the key is turned off yeah.
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Re: RE: Charging light on case ih 1494

Post by eddiem » Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:03 am

oily wrote:i would replace your alternator but first just check the multi plugs on the main harness near the cab
Your were right oily.I got the alternator reconditioned at a auto electrical repair shop. All perfect again ,Thank you.

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