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RE: David Brown Loaders

Post by John_Allen » Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:03 pm

I can't really help, but as far as I am aware, the dealers would get the complete loader as a kit of parts and assemble them more or less straight onto the tractor. That's certainly how it happened before the Q-cabbed machines.

One of the teachers where I worked worked at Leigh and said one of his favourite jobs was making the booms (mainly for the 90/94 models) and said that it was one of the jobs that had to look perfect as well as being strong. I suspect that DB would want to keep control of the welding to ensure that the loaders were safe to use (I knew one mechanic who I wouldn't trust to weld a door handle, let alone a loader frame!)

There is one danger when mounting loaders further forward on the chassis: it puts more load on the front axle. I discovered that when a loader was taken off a 135 and put on a 240 (with Q-cab) and had to be moved forward six inches or so. It was a pig of a thing to use compared to the 135! Mind you, it was a pig of a thing to use full stop!

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