62 years of DB

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62 years of DB

Post by GeoffDEAL » Mon Apr 09, 2012 1:04 pm

This year is 62 of David Browns only on this farm any others with only DBs for a long time ? 1690t 1394 1494 1200 1200 30c and two 30c to restore first was a cropmaster new in 1950 it was traded on the 30c also had a red 990 was traded on a 1200 my father also had a x engine Case some years before the DBs would be great to still have that !

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RE: 62 years of DB

Post by richbug » Mon Apr 09, 2012 4:19 pm

Family has had DBs of some sort on the place since the late 60's, but have had other makes too, mostly Case.
Users: 780, 1210 Bottle Opener, 1494 4wd open station with 74L, 990, 1394, 1194 High Clearance, another 1394, 1194 LCG, 1290 with 56L, 900, 885 with LS8, 885, 1190

1200, 900 projects, 780,

Parts: 3800, 1200, 1394, 1412, 1490, 770, 885, 990SEL, Red 990I,

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RE: 62 years of DB

Post by GeoffDEAL » Sun May 13, 2012 10:21 am

Hi again any long time DB owners out there

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RE: 62 years of DB

Post by maverick » Sun May 13, 2012 12:19 pm

46 years of DBs on our place.
1966 880 Selectamatic
1972 990
1967 880 parts

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RE: 62 years of DB

Post by calvin » Sun May 13, 2012 12:25 pm

In our family it has been about 50-60 years of db grandad bought a d25 new.
3 pot , 4 pot and the MIGHTY 6 POTT!

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RE: 62 years of DB

Post by tomwill » Sun May 13, 2012 12:35 pm

Our family has had David Browns for 58 years Jan 1954 my Father bought a new DB 30D SERIES one he worked it for 15000 hours the tractor is now in Sydney getting restored.Cheers Tom Williams


RE: 62 years of DB

Post by Guest » Sun May 13, 2012 12:40 pm

When my Father started farming in his own right, buying the farm that he worked on for 16 years preivious, in March of 1961 he started with a secondhand 1956 30D which was traded back to the dealer for a brand new Selectamatic 880 in April of 1967. Then came the need for a loader tractor whereupon a second hand fully refurbished 4 cylinder 880 Implematic with AL2 front loader, bucket and fork was purchased in 1969. That tractor did many years trouble free service, cleaning out dung every spring from the covered yard that the cows over wintered in and was 5 feet deep and took several days to clean out. It also did a lot of field work and loading bales with a Lawrence Edwards 'Perry Loader'. This tractor broke a crank whilst rolling ploughed ground one day and was then, as it was, traded back for an 885 VQ with L8 power loader, fork and bucket in 1976, it was only 2 years old and that one was used until 1997 when I gave up milking and replaced with an E plate 1394 with QD90 loader. In 1978 we bought a brand new 995 VQ2 trading back the 880 Selectamatic that was by this time well worn out. The 995 was replaced in 1995 with a Second hand 1983 1394 which was kept until 1996 when sold on privateley and replaced with a much cheaper to buy, a 1983 1490 2wd which I still have. The 1394 and QD90 loader was sold when I started letting my land out. I still needed a handy loader tractor and found privateley a pre-Q 1212 with L12 front loader and bought in 1998 a very low hours 1294 on a B plate. These tractors, the 1212, 1294 and 1490 I still have. So, that's continuous David Brown tractor use on the same farm from March 1961 to date, 51 years.

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RE: 62 years of DB

Post by philipday » Sun May 13, 2012 3:16 pm

My father bought his first DB 950 in 1960/61 straight from DB's London Showroom where it had spent two years impressing foreign dignatories. It was replaced in the showroom by one of the new 950 implematics and was a bargain at £450-00 to say it was two years or so old but was unused.It was joined by a 990 implematic in 1965 and then a 996 in 1972 and a 1212 in 1980, the latter three have since gone to tractor heaven but the 950 remains and has been joined by a 780,885 and 1212.Our main tractor now is a John Deere 6520 with all the DB's having to play some part throughout the year on our dairy farm.

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Post by gixxermatt » Sun May 13, 2012 9:29 pm

we had our 1st db in early 60s, was a 950 from then on we have had 990 imp, 990 sel, 885, 780, 1200 , 995, 996,1212, 1412 , 1290 , 1690 , 1690 t x 2 ,1394x 2 , 1594 x 2 . in my collection / on farm now is 5 990s,780,885 1190 995x2 delux, 2290, 1494 still use most off em occasionly, carried the case make until last year when we got a valtra n series
780,885,990 imp . 2 x 990 , 2 x 995 delux 2290 5150 x 25 mtx 140 856 and 956 valtra n142 versu

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Post by thomasven » Wed May 16, 2012 9:20 pm

we had a diesel cropmster and a db albion trailer which was the first tipping trailer in the area! then we traedd in the cropmaster and got a 30D then we tradded that in and got a 900 then that was traded in for a 950 then we traded that for a 990 implematic with a loader then we bought a second hand 880 implematic which was soon changed for a 880 selectamatic which we still have today then we traded in the 990 for a 1200 then we bought a 1210 q cab which we still have today then we traded in the 1200 for a 1210 with vq cab then we traded in the 1210 vq for a whitr 1494 which was sold last year we then strayed for a little while and bought a zetor 7745 which was then changed for a renault ares 550rx then i recently bought a db1200 and a db 25d
1 880 selectamatic
1 1200 selectamatic
1 1210
1 25d (seized engine project tractor)

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